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A unique nutritional formulation to boost cell functionality in both males and females

Pharmacological action:

Fertipil-Plus enhances fertility. Fertipil-Plus has been specifically developed to contain the correct proportions of essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost cell functionality in both males and females, thus improving and enhancing fertility.


Male Fertility: Improves sperm count; quantity formation (spermatogenesis); motility; morphology and general reproductive health. It is recommended that you take Fertipil Plus for at least three months before expecting significant improvement (sperm only reaches maturity after 72 days).
Female Fertility: Helps to normalize female hormone levels; improves uterine lining and egg quality; reduces chances of neural tube defects; increases chances of conceiving naturally.

Contra Indications

Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients mentioned under composition.


If you are on medication and uncertain, please consult with your Health Care Practitioner before taking Fertipil-Plus.

Dosage and directions for use Take one capsule daily or as prescribed by your Health Care Practitioner.
Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage.
Side effects and special precautions

Allergy to any of the ingredients named.

Pregnancy and lactation

Not recommended to be taken during pregnancy or lactation.

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    I would like to find out more about thiss product, for me & my husband trying for almost 12 years now, for me to become pregnant. I was having an etopic pregnancy in 2005. The doctors said that my husband's sperm count is way too low, therefore i would like to try this product. Mrs. June van Wyk Walvisbay, Namibia Tel: 00264 64-2012120 / 00264 64 8129 33 596.
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